I am a Research Scientist at Spotify.

Previously, I received (cum laude) my Ph.D. in Computer Science, at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. My work focused on analyzing and mitigating unintended and potentially harmful effects embedded in online social platforms (e.g. social networks, music streaming platforms, rental marketplaces, etc…).

I was supported by the Vicente López scholarship, awarded by Eurecat, Research Center in Catalunya and I was luckily advised by Dr. Francesco Bonchi and Prof. Carlos Castillo.

Prior to start my PhD, I have been awarded with a full grant to participate the 8 weeks study program in Artificial Intelligence at Pi School, Rome, Italy.

I received my Master’s Degree (Honours) in Data Science and Bachelor of Science in Statistics from Sapienza, University of Rome.

During my study I have been awarded with a research scholarship at DIAG (Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering), concerning the development and application of data analysis techniques in bibliometrics.

Last News

  • Oct 2022 I defended my Ph.D. Thesis on “Algorithmic Bias in Graph-Based Recommender Systems” (cum laude).
  • Sep 2022 I joined Spotify as Research Scientist!
  • Jan 2022 New paper accepted Rewiring What-to-Watch-Next Recommendations to Reduce Radicalization Pathways at theWebConf 2022!
  • Nov 2021 New paper Exposure Inequality in People Recommender Systems: The Long-Term Effects accepted at ICWSM 2022!
  • Aug 2021 Excited to join Huawei Ireland Research Center for an internship in Federated Recommender Systems!
  • Apr 2021 Comparing equity and effectiveness of different algorithms in an application for the room rental market accepted at AIES 2021 (27.7% acceptance rate)
  • Feb 2021 Giving a talk at Fair February initiative at Brown University, presenting some new (exciting) preliminary results on long-term effects of homophily over people recommender systems.
  • Jan 2021 Fair and Representative Subset Selection from Data Streams accepted at theWebConf 2021 (20.6% acceptance rate). Here the preprint!
  • Dec 2020 Paper accepted at ECIR 2021 (25% acceptance rate). Camera ready here.
  • Aug 2020 Glad to present the ICWSM paper at the 4th workshop on Mechanism Design for Social Good (MD4SG ‘20).
  • Aug 2020 Super excited to spend next three months at University of Helsinki, for a research internship, working with Michael Mathioudakis.
  • Jun 2020 I’ll be joining the PC of RecSys 2020 (Demo and LBR Tracks)
  • Jun 2020 I’ll present at ICWSM the paper The Effect of Homophily on Disparate Visibility of Minorities in People Recommender Systems. Here the video.
  • Apr 2020 I’ll be joining the PC of ECML-PKDD 2020 (ADS track)
  • Jan 2020 Paper accepted at ICWSM 2020 (16% acceptance rate)
  • Nov 2019 Notified to have been selected to take part with travel support at the HUMAINT Winter School 2020!